Creating a new Club

Found a HSG Alumni Club!

Former students of the University of St.Gallen live and work all over the world – and our HSG Alumni Club network is equally global: whether you are in Hong Kong, New York, Boston, London, Paris, Frankfurt or St. Moritz, our clubs help you to keep in touch with former colleagues and friends from the University of St.Gallen.

Are you abroad and cannot find an HSG Alumni Club in your area? Are you interested in a specific topic and are you looking for HSG colleagues with the same interest? The HSG Alumni Office in St.Gallen can help you get started: found a new Club together with us!

10 steps to a successful club:

  1. What would you like to do in your club? Define your goals and ambitions.

  2. Is there already a similar club? Take a look at our club overview, maybe there are opportunities for cooperation!

  3. Who would you like to reach? Define your target group.

  4. Is there enough interest? Ask the HSG Alumni Office for a list of potentially interested alumni.

  5. Who can help you? Put together a committee; it is easier and more fun to work together.

  6. What do your future members think? Give potential members a chance to discuss the goals and ambitions of the club at a first get-together.

  7. Do you communicate properly? Keep your members updated and post your events and club news online at the HSG Alumni Website.

  8. Do you take care of your members? Keep in touch and cultivate your network, you need it for future cooperation and activities.

  9. Are you offering high-quality activities? Quality beats quantity; 3-4 activities per year are usually sufficient.Have you secured continuity?

  10. Make sure that you regularly offer club activities, otherwise your members may lose interest.

Do you need help? Work together with the HSG Alumni Office! We are happy to support you and answer your questions!