President's Club


From Bern over Beijing all the way to Sao Paulo: HSG Alumni is proud of ist more than 180 Alumni Chapters and Clubs. Only thanks to committed presidents like you, are we able to offer activities and events for our former students. For this, we would like to say thank you!

The HSG Alumni President’s Club is the Club for all of you HSG Alumni who have taken on responsibility for a Chapter or Club. This site is intended to include information and tips to support you in your everyday work in managing your Club, and to facilitate an exchange between you and your fellow presidents. Here, you will also find information on the management of your Club and its activities online.



As soon as a Club of Chapter is founded, a profile is created online. Presidents can add or edit content to the profile at any time and the most important tools are:

Managing members

  • inviting members to your Club/Chapter
  • add members to your Club/Chapter
  • remove members from your Club/Chapter

Creating events

  • create an event-site for your activity, with description, details and photos
  • receive registrations online
  • set conditions and costs for registration
  • create opportunities for accompanying participants
  • export participants lists
  • create and Print nametags

Send invitations
As soon as an event has been created, you can send an invitation to all members with an automatically generated email of “when, where, what” and a link to the event site. Reminders can be send out the same way. You may also invite members outside of your Club / Chapter.

Communicating with your members
For general information to your members, like news and updates from your Club, there is a newsletter-tool which allows you to send messages directly to individuals or groups. 

News and Reports
Did you arrange or attend an exciting HSG Alumni-event? Let the HSG Community know by writing about it on your Club-site. Photos and texts can easily be uploaded under the heading “News”.