Active together on a high level

What is alpyou?
Alpyou is an online activity platform ( that makes it possible to meet likeminded for activities in sport, leisure and culture all over Switzerland. For participants 25 years and up.

What does it offer?
As a professional and busy businessperson, you may be tired of spending your valuable free time for travels, hikes or excursions alone?
The ambition of is to offer easy and quick ways for likeminded people to find common activities on a ”high level”. High level means either an activity or location at a high altitude (for example in the mountains), special skills among the participants (academics, finance professionals etc.) and/or a general age and level of maturity of the participants. Contrary to the currently very trendy party platforms online, alpyou offers a meeting place for people over 25, with over 140 activities all over Switzerland. From dog walks in pairs, to jet flying for four people, the platform has something for almost everyone.

Alpyou offers different kinds of memberships. The free-of-charge basic membership is open to everyone of at least 18 years of age. The premium membership is reserved for exclusively identified clients from partner organizations. Every premium member receives a code. The exchange between premium members therefore takes place on a higher level of confidence. HSG Alumni members receive the exclusive opportunity to join the premium membership by alpyou with a special access code.

Who is our target group?
The target group of alpyou is primarily businesspeople, married people with different interests than their partners, singles or retired, alone-travelers and single households.

Information about your access

About HSG Alumni Olga Valek

After graduation in business administration at the University of St. Gallen, Dr. Olga Valek was active within the management field of various industries within corporate governance for over 10 years. She is the author of several publications on this theme. A PhD in management adds to her profile and she is currently the CEO of alpyou.
Dr. Olga Valek founded the sole proprietorship alpyou in 2011. As a professional business woman she has very little time and little opportunity to plan her free time. She was tired of spending her free time alone and realized that there were many likeminded people out there, thus she decided to develop a mature, business oriented model out of her idea. Dr. Olga Valek plans to establish aplyou as the most familiar and appreciated activity platform in Switzerland.

Olga Valek is a member of the HSG Alumni since 1999