Pairfact Legal

Pairfact Legal aims to encourage young entrepreneurs and support them in their first, particularly critical year. The motto and name of the package is "dare to ask".

It is very important to do everything correctly from the outset and to start a new business in the right way, because: mistakes are easier to avoid than to correct. With Pairfact Legal you have the full planning security and cost control of an internal lawyer combined with all the advantages of an external lawyer (e.g. attorney-client privilege).

Pairfact Legal offers HSG alumni  a maximum of one year of comprehensive advice outside the court on all legal issues affecting the company up to three persons for a small lump sum. This offer is valid for one year and for young entrepreneurs of the HSG only.

A different offer for all other companies of HSG alumni is a "red flag" contract review. The red flag review describes an assessment of a contract with the aim of identifying particularly critical clauses and drawing attention to them. Pairfact Legal offers this service free of charge for contracts up to 2 pages in 12Pt in total. For more than 2 pages a small lump sum per additional page is charged.

About HSG Alumna Lara Pair

Dr.iur.HSG Lara Pair, JD, LL.M.  is Managing Partner of a law firm in Zurich. The law firm specializes in commercial law and dispute resolution with an international focus. Lara Pair specializes in particular in corporate law, contract law and arbitration. The HSG alumna has worked as an attorney in Zurich, Germany, and the USA and as Chief Legal Counsel at a bank in Geneva.