Online-storage for every occasion

What is Memonic?
Did you ever forget a bookmark? Or are you having trouble remembering that website with the great hotel-recommendations? Or have you already given up at trying to re-find a screen-shot of a particular website on your computer?
Memonic gives you all the riches of the internet in one package: Collect precisely the information that you need. Organize your content and your criteria. And re-find your collected articles, studies, images, anytime anywhere. With full-text searches or your own labeling. Memonic connects the advantages of bookmarks/favourites and your personal, dynamic digital notebook.

How does Memonic work?
We all consume a lot of information off the internet. How can you remember all of this information= Memonic solve the problem in three easy steps:

  1. Marks and saves the essential information – regardless whether text, image, video or sound – with one click
  2. Once saved, you can easily organize your notes
  3. Share and use your notes, print them, synchronize them with other tools, export them into other applications, share them with colleagues and friends on social networks.

With Memonic, you have the opportunity to save, organize and share essential content of websites, emails, word- or excel-files in a personal online folder. Memonic connects the advantages of bookmarks/favorites and your personal, dynamic notebook. Available for web, Windows, Mac iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablets.

Special benefits for members
Premium annual subscription: CHF 18 instead of CHF 28, for HSG Alumni. Please use this link.

About the HSG Alumni Dorian Selz:

Dr. Dorian Selz is the co-founder of Memonic. Until December 2008 he was the co-founder and CEO of, the leading search and find-platform in Switzerland. He is a partner of namics-ac. Previously, he received his doctorate degree at the University of St. Gallen.

Dorian Selz is a member of HSG Alumni since 1998.