Events for singles

Warmly welcome to the larges singles event organizer in Switzerland. Since 2001 over 30 000 people have participated. We offer an exciting and diverse program for singles with hundreds of events annually. All information is available at www.speedflirting.ch

What is SpeedFlirting?
If someone is nice, the first few minutes will often lead to a conversation. Speedflirting reduces the contact between people to precisely this amount of time. All participants experience at least seven meetings in seven minutes.
Next to the SpeedFlirting, we also organize fun Table dinners with three chosen women and men whose profiles are a good match. We also regularly arrange brunch on Sundays and several other exciting events.

Special benefits from members
We offer all members of the HSG Alumni a special price of CHF 35 instead of CHF 77 for the participation in a SpeedFlirting event. The discount can be obtained through showing your HSG Alumni Member Card.

About HSG Alumni Nick Ganz

Nick Ganz graduated from the HSG with a major in HR in 1994. After 5 years abroad, he founded the Mellow GmbH, a leading event manager for singles. Since 2005 Mellow GmbH runs the Mellow Bar and the Mellow Club as event locations in Zürich, available to Firms, Event organizers and Private communities.