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Interviews with Michael Hilti & Sabina Furler

The HSG Learning Center creates a new culture of learning together. What significance does the new lighthouse on the St.Gallen Rosenberg have for future students and alumni of the University of St.Gallen? HSG alumna Sabina Furler, CEO of Walde und Partner, and HSG alumnus Michael Hilti, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, answer these and other questions in our interview.


Why is the HSG Learning Center so important for the HSG in your view?

Michael Hilti: Technological flux, constant change, progressing digitalisation and continually changing problems don’t only require flexible, problem-oriented forms of work but also new teaching methods and approaches. How to work in changing interdisciplinary teams in a working environment that reinforces creativity and team thinking is something that students have to experience and learn early on, not only in later practice. This is where I see the great value and importance of the new HSG Learning Center.

Sabina Furler: The HSG has a very good reputation to defend and mustn’t stand still under any circumstances – neither with regard to modern learning and training methods nor with regard to the educational facility itself, which requires modularly adjustable premises. The HSG Learning Center embodies a modern and innovative project which will allow for flexible configuration options in the future and do justice to continually changing requirements in a new form of cooperation between faculty and students.

Why do you support the project?

Sabina Furler: I owe an intensive, lovely student life to the HSG, an excitingly varied career and lifelong friendships. For me it’s a matter of course that life always consists of “giving and taking”, so I’d like to give something back to the HSG and to do something good for the students of tomorrow with my contribution to the HSG Learning Center. In addition, the topic of construction doesn’t only interest me because of my job but has always also interested me in private. This architectural flagship project convinced me in every respect right from the start, and so it was a matter of honour for me to commit myself to it.

Michael Hilti: The HSG’s positive development is something I feel strongly about. Our alma mater is at a further stage of development and is positioning itself for the future, and this requires private commitment. The Hilti Family Trust and I personally gladly support the new HSG Learning Center because it stands for the development of the HSG’s innovative learning and teaching culture.

Why should HSG alumni commit themselves to the project?

Michael Hilti: We learnt a great deal at the HSG as students, and St.Gallen shaped us. We were able to establish contacts for life and owe much to that time. I find it important that we should support important development projects like the HSG Learning Center by way of gratitude and appreciation for that time and also as an investment in the future. Particularly at the currently challenging stage at which the HSG now finds itself, we as the alumni community should actively commit ourselves to a positive development.

Sabina Furler: Of course everyone has to decide for themselves what good cause they want to champion. Personally, it’s one of my great concerns to support trail-blazing projects which have innovative power and thus make a contribution towards a prosperous future for the next HSG generation.

Fundraising for the HSG Learning Center

Current information about the project, how to donate and the names of the patrons can be found at

About the Alumni Sabina and Michael

Sabina is enthusiastic about beautiful construction projects and enjoys sport. Professionally, she has been at the helm of the real estate firm Walde & Partner since 2018; she worked for McKinsey, Swissair and IWC Schaffhausen, and was CEO of Beldona until 2017. Since 2014, she has also been a member of the Advisory Board of E. Breuninger GmbH & Co., which developed a modern new city quarter in Stuttgart. She is interested in lifestyle, luxury goods and real estate and entertains close ties with the HSG.

Michael Hilti, the Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group have had ties of friendship with the HSG for many years. Today, Michael Hilti is Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hilti Aktiengesellschaft and Trustee of the Martin Hilti Family Trust. As an initial sponsor and co-founder of the first hour, Michael Hilti supports the realisation of the HSG Learning Center in a substantial manner.