Tennis Club at the University of St.Gallen

HSG Alumni supports the Tennis Club at the University of St.Gallen

The original club „Tennis Team at the University of St.Gallen“ was founded in 2014 and was officially accredited in 2015. In 2016, we changed our statutes to become the official Tennis Club at the University of St.Gallen. Therefore, we are still in the build-up phase. We are seeking to provide a well-organized platform for those students at the University who are willing to play tennis competitively besides their studies. We are proud to be part of the University of St.Gallen. This is why our goal is to represent our University at national and international tennis tournaments with a powerful and competitive team. In order to maintain the needed level among the players at the University and to compete at international tennis tournaments, the players who make it into the team practice together twice a week. The team has already been able to show its prowess in various tournaments. For example, this summer we won the gold medal at the KPMG Tennis Master Tour, which is the biggest tournament for students in Europe (more information in sponsoring paper). After modifying our statutes the «social» branch of our organization climbed up in the hierarchy. That is the reason why we are not only using our resources on the competitive players but also on those who want to extend their social network while playing in a group once a week or during our so called «get together social events», such as the «HSG Spring Open».