After the Asia Week which took place in last March, this time we take a look at Africa. We are pleased to cooperate with the Africa Association St.Gallen board which is also the organization committee of the Africa Summit.

Be excited about our premiere: the «HSG Alumni Africa Weeks». It will take place from December 6–17 in English and completely virtually. A week packed with exciting interactive sessions and panels awaits you. The focus of these two weeks is to show a dynamic, modern and innovative Africa and the impact of strong communities: The Power of Africa!

We will be adding more sessions in the next few days, come back and register for the sessions that interest you. We would be happy to see you soon at one of our sessions.


Tuesday, 7 December

The Roger Federer Foundation 1

«The Power of African Communitites»

6–7 p.m. CET

Janine Haendel is CEO from the Roger Federer Foundation which believes that strengthening existing competencies and resources is the only way to improve the problems in a sustainable and systemic way. The Roger Federer Foundation focuses on six countries in southern Africa and Switzerland and Janine will give insights into the different projects and tells more about the Power of African Communitites.

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Wednesday, 8 December

Pexels Ron Lach 9783348

«Sendy - how we built the largest cloud supply chain platform for Africa»

12 – 1 p.m. CET

Sendy empowers people and businesses by making it easier to trade. As a leading African-built platform, Sendy uses technology to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions, which thousands rely on each day, in order to support their families and move their businesses forward.

In this session, Marvin Kirschner, Shiro Theuri, and Kevin Kaburu will talk about how Sendy built the largest cloud supply chain platform for Africa. 

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Friday, 10 December

Buy Food With Plastic 1

«Buy Food with Plastics»

12-13 p.m. CET

Elena Hauptmann is a Founder, responsible for the Operations in Ghana & Organizational Development and Georg Kwame Quansah is the local manager in Ghana. The idea is to buy food with plastic bottles. They will tell you how they initiate events around the world that bring people together and provide solutions to urgent local problems such as pollution, hunger, lack of education and poverty. The collected bottles are turned into various products such as household utensils or eco-bricks for buildings. Hear their story.

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Thursday, 16 December

Elea Header 1

«The elea Way – impact through entrepreneurship»

1.30 – 2.30 p.m. CET

elea fights absolute poverty with entrepreneurial means, capitalizing on the benefits and opportunities of globalization. As a professional philanthropic impact investor, elea partners with social enterprises and entrepreneurial organizations in creating sustainable and measurable impact.
In this session Stefan Kappeler and Florin Lanz will share elea's approach of integrating entrepreneurship and capital for impact and innovation with a specific focus on the organization's work on the African continent.

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Partnering with the Africa Association

Africa Association

«We bring people together to inspire, learn and debate on key issues regarding the African Continent.»

The Africa Association is a student association at the University of St. Gallen and organizes the Africa Summit St. Gallen. This two day conference brings entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other actors present on the continent together to inspire, inform and debate with the student population of the University of St. Gallen about the burgeoning potential of the African continent. The fourth edition took place on 13 & 14 October 2021 with the topic  «Investing in Africa».

Besides the Africa Summit, the association organizes several events also during the semester. Find out more about the Africa Association here.

To the website of the Africa Association


Mohamed Azab

Founder & Chairman, Seha Healthcare

Janine Haendel

CEO, Roger Federer Foundation

Elena Hauptmann

Founder, responsible for the Operations in Ghana & Organizational Development, Buy Food with Plastics

Weza Bambo João

Founder, Africa Association St.Gallen

Kevin Kaburu

VP Marketing, Sendy

Stefan Kappeler

Managing Director & COO, elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

Marvin Kirschner

VP Growth & Data, Sendy

Florin Lanz

Executive Director, elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization

George Kwame Quansah

Local manager in Ghana, Buy Food with Plastics

Oli Onwusonye

First President, Africa Association St.Gallen

Shiro Theuri

VP Engineering, Sendy

Lars Willi

Founder and CEO/Chairman, WECONNEX AG

Patrick G. Youssef

Regional Director for Africa, International Committee of the Red Cross