HSG Alumni Sustainability Club

Online Stamm with Input Speech from HSG alumnus Michaël Tuil, co-founder of Direct Coffee

16.07.2020, 20:15 Uhr bis 21:15 Uhr

Veranstaltung Ihrem Kalender hinzufügen | Bedienungsanleitung

Ort: online meeting (link will be sent out to participants)

Language: English
Beware change of date. New date 16.07.2020
Veranstalter: HSG Alumni Sustainability Club
Anmeldeschluss: 16.07.2020
Kontakt: hsg.alumni.sustainability@gmail.com

Join our next online get-together with the input speech by HSG alumnus Michaël Tuil on how to achieve a CO2 neutral day. Michaël is the co-founder of Direct Coffee, a social startup that imports specialty coffee directly from smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. We will follow the same structure as in our previous online get-together by starting with a short input speech by Michaël, followed by discussion rounds on the topic and an opportunity for informal exchange at the end.

Grab a beer, your webcam, and join us for the next Stamm! 

We look forward to seeing you soon!