A base camp for the alumni community, a lighthouse in the era of new learning and teaching, a lab for co-creation, cooperation, and impact.

So far, we see the impressive progress on the HSG Learning Center building, and we hear a lot of ideas on how we could make it work. To bring this together, it’s time to go one step ahead and make the Learning Center tangible, experienceable, feelable.

Let us use the power of the whole HSG ecosystem, of students, the faculty, the staff, the alumni community, start-ups, or partner organizations. Let us bring pieces and loose ends together and be the pre-lab for the Learning Center. Let us test ideas, new formats of teaching and learning, break new ground in terms of reverse teaching, or alike. Let us be the innovation, the ideas, the inspiration.

Let us be the Learning Center.

Who are you and what possibilities do you have to contribute?

Students & Student Clubs

  • To fire up others for current topics in your association
  • To share the knowledge you gained during our Summer / Winter School classes
  • To summarize an interesting course and create a workshop to discuss the topic further in small groups

Alumnae & Alumni

  • To host events as a single person/group/club
  • To discuss new ideas
  • To show new trends
  • To give insights into transformation processes
  • To inspire others with your success story

Faculty & Staff

  • To introduce your field of research to others
  • To test new course topics
  • To test new education formats
  • To practice teaching as a new lecturer

Our formats


You are a group or a person with an insightful and impactful opinion on a certain topic that you want to share with the HSG ecosystem in a keynote format. It could be a speech only, a presentation, or any other format fitting this one-to-many setting – even if you’re open to answer questions or discuss with the audience at some point.


A few experts from different areas of knowledge or specific subareas plus maybe a moderator and short script is all you need for this panel. It could or maybe should include different stakeholder (ideally from our HSG ecosystem) but you’re highly free to set topic, specific format, speakers, and the role of interactivity here.


Creating a space of co-creation and cooperation is what you really like about learning together. Hence, a workshop sounds like the perfect tool for you to work on a specific topic or question together with others or offer them a unique learning experience. From highly conceptualized to an open or "un"-format – you’re the master!


You want to have a table with equal speaking rights to everyone, maybe some experts giving a short impulse before kicking off this round table discussion or even having this be done by your up to 10-15 active participants. Afterwards, your session can start – with a specific direction/goal, as a brainstorming or feedback format on an idea.

Open Category

Your idea or plan of a format does not fit into the above mentioned? Although we’re sure you would make it fit – feel free to contact us and set-up a format within this open category, without any boundaries or limitations to you as the session leader. Looking forward to seeing what’s out there – this is the lab to experiment, so go for it!

Keen to contribute and be part of the pre-lab for the HSG Learning Center?

Welcome at the base camp of a new adventure: a nine-day expedition of experiments, experiences, and exchange. Please reach out with your ideas, formats, plans, feedback or whatever helps us making the first steps towards the learning center experience: It takes all of us!

Contact us

In case you are not sure if you’re on the right track, you’re seeking co-speakers or co-contributors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you navigate within the alumni community or even the whole HSG ecosystem.

Our goals

Make the Learning Center tangible

Experience the pre-lab for new ideas, learning together, and co-creating innovation or startups.

Foster the interaction within the ecosystem

Help deliver the full potential of all stakeholders at the HSG, may it be students, alumni, faculty, staff or spin-offs.

Create an error-tolerant environment

Set the right tone for a new era of cooperation and co-creation within the HSG ecosystem.

Experiment with learning formats

Test new ways of (co-) teaching, collaborative learning, or alike: hybrid, in-person or fully digital.