What are clubs?

The members of HSG Alumni have access to a global network of more than 160 HSG Alumni clubs. We are proud of our extensive and continually growing community, and the diversity of activities and platforms offered to our members. This is all thanks to our committed alumnae and alumni, who run the clubs and chapters on a voluntary basis. .

There are four kinds of HSG Alumni Clubs:

  1. Subject-specific HSG Alumni clubs
    This is the meeting place for graduates of the various programmes and specialisations of the University of St.Gallen.
  2. Interest-specific HSG Alumni clubs
    A common interest unites the alumni in these clubs, often with a background in student associations.
  3. Regional HSG Alumni clubs, Switzerland
    The smaller regions in Switzerland have gathered into clubs (not to be confused with the chapters) and regularly meet in a smaller, informal setting. 
  4. Company Clubs
    Do you know which HSG graduates work in your company? Set up a new HSG Alumni Company Club with our support and use this platform for informal exchanges. 

> Here you get to the overview of all clubs and chapters.