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Key competence in a foreign language with Boa Lingua Business Class

Are you confident about negotiating, giving a presentation or having a discussion in English? Nowadays foreign languages skills are no longer just a «nice to have» in the business world, but a must. The Swiss company Boa Lingua offers a wide range of language courses abroad – for all ages, all requirements and every situation in life. The «Business Class» department of the company organises language courses specifically for professional and business people. It can provide intensive business courses, industry-specific courses and bespoke solutions such as small group sessions or private lessons. That way, it's efficient, because you learn the material you really need in your everyday working life.

Rapid progress in a short space of time

To learn a language fast and efficiently, there's no better way than going on a language study trip abroad. Success depends on constant contact with the language and being able to repeat what you have learnt, and those opportunities are not so readily available on a language course in Switzerland. In just three weeks of language study abroad, students with only a very basic knowledge of a language can improve their skills by a whole language level, while those with intermediate-level skills can expect to progress by half a level. On a typical language course in Switzerland, it would take you a whole year to achieve the same result.

What we offer

Your special benefits

  • 10% discount on all courses offered by Boa Lingua Business Class for all HSG alumni
  • Free annual subscription to BILANZ (for all bookings from the Boa Lingua Business Class programme).
  • Pease simply enter the promotional code MKT_HSGA when you book.

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