Access to all job listings in Switzerland

All job listings – current, accessible and available daily in just one click
x28 runs the leading search engine for job listings in Switzerland, scans the sites of 300 000 Swiss companies several times every day in search of open positions. The search engine can, thanks to a semantic enhancement, not just identify the job listings, but also compare and interpret them.
Let Jobmail show you all the interesting vacancies available. With around 100 000 open positions, 12 000 managements jobs and a large number of C-level offers, there might be a perfect offer for you.

Special benefits for members
The premium account from x28, worth CHF 48, is offered to HSG Alumni free of charge. A simple email with the mention “HSG Alumni” to lets you retrieve the benefit code and receive premium access to this link. Premium members enjoy the following benefits:
-    Job-deliveries (jobmail)
-    More and better search functions
-    Unlimited access to checklists and formats

Detailed comparison

About the HSG Alumni Cornel Müller

Cornel Müller is the founder, VR-president and GL-member of x28 AG. After his studies at the University of St. Gallen, he worked for two years as a consultant for Kienbaum International and founded several companies. 2008, Cornel Müller, together with Christian Hansich, founded x28 AG that has won several awards for its and been appointed by NZZ as the recognized Team of Experts. X28 AG has retrieved over 200 company customers in different cantons and is an established business.