Language Courses Abroad

Would you like to improve your English or French knowledge, or learn an entirely new language? Studying a language course abroad is an effective way to do this whilst also enjoying the best of a foreign culture and destination.

Travel the way you like! Yalea Languages tailors your language course to your needs with their team of passionate specialists who have over 13 years of experience. There are over 10 languages in 160 destinations to choose from. Furthermore, our e-learning tools prepare you for your course before you go. We are available to provide advice after office hours: whether it be in person, via Skype, telephone, WhatsApp or chat, we are here for you.

> www.yalea.com/language-courses-abroad/

Terms and conditions of benefits
5% discount for all HSG Alumni on language courses (does not include accommodation).
Proof that you are HSG Alumni is required: a note is enough.

About HSG Alumnus Martin Schmidig

Martin Schmidig is a co-founder and on the administrative board of Yalea Languages. Some of his products include language courses abroad, the English language magazine http://www.teatime-mag.com/, its Spanish equivalent http://www.veintemundos.com/ and the online vocabulary trainer http://www.vocbox.com/.

Martin Schmidig has been a  member of HSG Alumni since 2005.