Finest socks & underwear at 15% off

BLACKSOCKS offers fine undergarments for top-class men, ensuring that they feel comfortable all day long. And not least because our socks, underwear, T-shirts and shirts are also available as a practical subscription.

In 1999, BLACKSOCKS invented the sockscription to rid the world of sock sorrows. Several times a year – either three, four or six times – subscribers receive three pairs of black socks by post. By subscribing to a sockscription, you will regularly receive 3 pairs of socks delivered to your home free of charge – and always matching. Tedious shopping trips and post-wash sorting become things of the past!

The BLACKSOCKS socks are produced in a plant near Milan in northern Italy. The second generation family business ranks amongst today's most highly regarded sock makers.

In addition to top-quality socks, BLACKSOCKS also offers the finest underwear made from Peruvian Pima cotton.

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About the founder

I moved from Biel/Bienne to St.Gallen at the age of just 19, straight after finishing my Matura school-leaving certificate. I was impressed by the university and proud to be attending it. I enjoyed my time as a student, and enjoyed my two semesters abroad in Toronto and at the ESCP Paris even more. This period abroad opened up new horizons for me and gave me access to other cultures and languages. The experience also ultimately proved valuable for my professional career. I began my career as a marketing consultant for McDonalds at the American company Leo Burnett. After a few years I had the opportunity to move into PR, as well as to help run lobbying projects. This interesting experience considerably changed my view of politics. My last position before becoming self-employed was at Wirz, where I and my team provided communication support to projects such as the Swisscom flotation. This was again a very interesting experience. Following the Swisscom flotation in the autumn of 1998, I and a childhood friend decided to found BLACKSOCKS and launch the sockscription. Shortly after its foundation I moved to London for a few months to prepare the European launch of an American online broker, but upon returning to Switzerland I dived happily back into socks. I have been an entrepreneur selling sockscriptions via the internet since 1999, something I would never have imagined as a student.