Good food at work made easy

The HSG spin-off Felfel makes it possible for every company to offer good food at work to their employees, like in their favorite restaurant, only much cheaper!  How is that possible? With a self-developed smart technology and partnerships with the best local Chefs in Switzerland. All the partners are family-run businesses, like Felfel.

How does it work?

The intelligent, wood-clad fridge is placed in the company and Felfel takes care of everything else. Every day, they deliver ultra-fresh meals, no matter where your business is, in Switzerland & Liechtenstein. Every week, the Felfel Food Scouts curate a new menu of over 10 meals and 50 breakfast and snacks options. More than 150 of the 400 corporate customers Felfel serves daily are run by Members of HSG Alumni. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

Exclusively for HSG Alumni

Felfel is happy to invite you to a free tasting, if possible with Anna Grassler (co-general manager) and Daniela Steiner (co-owner), who are both HSG alumni. You can invite up to 10 colleagues and it's completely free.

When a Felfel fridge is installed in your office, Felfel will reward you with:

A 500.- voucher on a company badge.
A free tasting in our test kitchen as well as the usage of our meeting room for an offsite work experience in Zurich, Binz.

To take advantage of this offer, click on the top right corner or write us at tasting@felfel.ch and mention the keyword 'HSG Alumni'. The offer is valid only once the Felfel fridge has been installed.