Peter Rudin

1. Educational background:
- Matura C (math and science), Basel
- Dipl. Ing. ETH, Zürich (MS), 1964
- Professional Degree Industrial Psychology, Columbia University N.Y., 1972
- Numerous company courses (management, finance, etc.)
- Farming School Liebegg, 2007-2009
- Research internship in organic weed control at Agroscope in Tänikon.
- Since 2012 E-Learning courses (Duke, Harvard and Stanford) with focus on Brain Research, Neuroeconomics and Machine Learning

2. Corporate experience:
- 1965 to 1966 Refinery Construction Engineer, M.W. Kellog Co. N.Y.
- 1966 to 1968 IBM system engineer, process control, Mobil Oil account in N.Y.
- 1969 to 1973 IBM salesman, Mobil Oil Account in N.Y.
- 1974 to 1975 IBM sales group manager, Large Accounts, Zurich

3. Serial Entrepreneur :
- 1976 to 1989, founder and owner of Dat-Express AG, OEM - Digital Equipment Corp., sale of Software and Hardware, providing data-centre and hardware maintenance services, focusing on communication applications. Sold to Moor AG in 1989.
- 1985 to 1989, founder and owner of HSP AG, Distributor for Control Data and Seagate Disk Subsystems in Switzerland. Sold to Moor AG in 1989.
- 1986 to 1989, founder and owner of IMCA AG, Software House for Oracle based solutions in the area of personnel management. Sold to Moor AG in 1989.
- 1993 to 1997, founder and owner of M.A.C. / Bluewin, Switzerland's leading internet service provider with over 3 million subscribers. Sold to Swisscom in 1998.
- 1999 to 2004, founder and co-owner/Owner of UPAQ Ltd, security consulting and solution integration. Sold to the management team in 2004.
- 2003 to 2008, founder and owner of Skyacht Services Ltd. Collaboration with Bombardier for business jet services for the yachting community and starting in 2007 distribution of high-tech yacht accessories (satellite communications, remote control, security systems, night vision etc.). Liquidated in 2009 because of farming focus.
- 2008 to 2015 founder and owner of Newtrac Precision Farming AG. Jointly with ESORO AG prototype development of a new unmanned farming vehicle and feasibility studies of sensor- based subsystems for apple yards and weed control.
- 2016 Relaunch of company under the name of Newtrac AG to support communication activities of the website launched in August 2016.
- 2016 to today, ‘Project Singularity 2030’, an initiative to inform and update interested individuals about the impact of ‘singularity’, the time when artificial intelligence reaches the level of human intelligence. Intensive self-study and research as source for continuously publishing essays on its website.

4. Related activities:
- 1987 Cofounder of Oracle User Group in Switzerland
- 1994 Cofounder of SIMSA, Swiss Interactive Media and Software Association, honorary president
- 2001 Cofounder of First Tuesday, Zurich. Venture Capital for Start-Up’s
- 2002 Cofounder of ICT Switzerland, includes all large existing ICT associations
- 2002 Supporter of RISE, Research Institute for Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
- 2009 Speaker engagement at Swiss Farming events on issues regarding ‘smart-farming’
- 2016 to today: Speaker engagements and panel member at various public and private events on issues regarding AI

5. Board memberships:
- Member of various boards incl. Tobler AG which is Switzerland's leading distributor of heating equipment, sold by Capvis to Wolsely UK in 2003
- From 2004 to 2007 board member of CLS Corporate Language Services, largest Swiss translation company with global expansion in progress
- From 2007 to 2011 founding board member of Forma Futura, an investment-management company specialising in sustainable investments (CEO Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter)

6. Other activities:
- Coaching future Accenture partners in the discipline of C-level selling (CEO, CFO)
- Seminar leader at ZfU (leading Swiss seminar provider) for future board members of small and mid-sized companies
- Participant at the ‘Eranos’ Events in Ascona / analytical Psychology (C.G. Jung)

7. Hobbies:
- Hiking, experiencing nature
- Visionary entrepreneurship
- Classical music / concerts

8. Talents:
- C-level relationship provider, communicator
- Complexity reduction
- Start-Up leadership