HSG Alumni is organised as an independent and non-profit-making association which cooperates closely with the university. The association is managed by a board consisting of elected alumni. Operational tasks are conducted by a permanent office in St.Gallen.


Executive Board

The Executive Board develops the strategy of HSG Alumni and decides on the implementation of projects. It currently consists of 18 alumnae and alumni. The President and the Executive Board of HSG Alumni are elected at the General Meeting for a term of office of three years.


The Office of HSG Alumni is located in St.Gallen in direct proximity to the University. It undertakes all the operational tasks, including the organisation of events, member support, communication, and support for clubs and chapters. The office is staffed with eight permanent staff and a team of students.

The office of HSG Alumni is looking forward to visits from alumnae and alumni and is happy to welcome them at all time. Visit us at Guisanstrasse 7, 9010 St.Gallen

General Meeting

The General Meeting is the association's highest organ. It is held every year in early summer in St.Gallen, after the HSG Alumni Forum.