Executive Board

The Executive Board is HSG Alumni’s central management organ. Each member of the Board assumes responsibility for an individual project, which is always intended to serve the overriding objectives of friend-raising, brain-raising and fund-raising. For this purpose, the Board members constitute groups if required and coordinate any shared interfaces.


Urs Landolf, president


Alexander Herzog, quaestor


Franziska Eberhard Volkart, women's chapter

Nicole Büttner-Thiel
, Class Building

Mathieu S. Jaus


Adrian Locher, entrepreneurship  


Tibor Luka, French-speaking Switzerland


Tobias Rohner, partnerships


Jacqueline Moeri, communications


Bernhard Moerker, chapters


Doris Schiesser-Gachnang


Corinna Egerer, Clubs & Chapters International


Christian Speck, IT


Oliviero Terrani, Ticino


Pascal Scheiwiller, Alumni Career


Stephan Gieseck


Dominic Baumann, Young Chapter