HSG Shop

The diverse product range of the HSG Shop provides an opportunity to express your connectedness with the University of St.Gallen and brings back memories of your study time.

HSG Alumni and the University of St.Gallen founded the HSG Shop in December 2004 as a joint venture for the distribution of university merchandising items.

Student project
The HSG Shop is running as a student project entirely by students of the University of St.Gallen and offers the opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience. HSG Alumni and the University of St.Gallen operate as an advisory and supervisory body.

Exclusive products for HSG Alumni
In the initial phase, the HSG Shop had only a small range of products and offered to students mainly textiles. Due to the great demand, the product range could be steadily expanded over the years and adapted to the needs of HSG Alumni, HSG employees and continuing education participants. Exclusive MAKUMAYU sweater and scarfs, elegant cuff links or practical SKROSS travel adapter are not only suitable for their own use, but are also great as gifts for old classmates, the family or friends of the university.

Direct home delivery – worldwide
The HSG Shop provides you with memories of the study time as well as exclusive products for daily business life or leisure time directly to your home – worldwide. All articles and useful gift ideas can be found on the website of the HSG Shop. It can be ordered directly through the webshop.