Your contact point

Do you have a question about an event? Are you looking for career advice? Do you want to establish a club? Or to place an advert in our member magazine, alma? This is where you can contact your partners:

Daniel Knus

Ariel Hugentobler
Leiter Career Services

Nicole Züblin
Leiterin Finanzen und Services

Sven Corus 
Leiter Events und Alumni Relations

Stefano Alghisi
Verantwortlicher Marketing und Kommunikation

Maik Madörin
Verantwortlicher IT

Sara Pazeller
Office Managerin

Lea Anwander
Event & Alumni Relations Manager

Zora Luna Wilkinson
Student & Alumni Relations Manager

Pascal Umiker
Studentischer Mitarbeiter Kommunikation

Julia Philipona
Studentische Mitarbeiterin Career Services

Andreas Camenisch
Studentischer Mitarbeiter IT

Ivo Graffius
Leiter Unternehmerstudie, Doktorand