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International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI)

International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI)
Aby George
Telefon: +91 9544136327

Project Assistant - Innovation Systems and Higher Education

Indien, per sofort

Internship Opportunity
ICTI offers internship opportunity in India for International students. The internships are offered in the areas of technology and innovation management, community development, social entrepreneurship, rural and urban development, agriculture, etc.

Project Assistant
International Centre for Technological Innovations invites application for Project Assistant to join internship programme in Innovation Systems and Higher Education.

Project Details 
Innovation and technology development are results of a complex set of relationships among actors in the system, which includes enterprises, universities and research institutes. The success of any nation largely depends on the quality of education provided by its educational institutions. This project aims to study innovation ecosystem in Indian universities and higher educational institutions and develop initiatives enhancing research, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct volunteering work leading to promotion of higher education innovation system.
  • Visit universities, colleges, innovation centers, business incubators, etc. 
  • Evaluate current programmes and develop initiatives for research and knowledge transfer.
  • Assist in project planning and execution.
  • Capacity building of stakeholders.
  • Develop courseware and training materials. 
  • Contribute to business plan development.
  • Prepare brochures, video documentary, etc. 
  • Write project reports.
  • Identify international organisations, associations and networks to collaborate. 
  • Initiate and implement a viable project.


  • Educational Qualification: Any degree discipline. 
  • Graduate students, undergraduate students, any postgraduates, and recent graduates (alumni). 
  • Knowledge and technical skills 
  • Leadership capacity and management skills
  • Self-starter with ability to complete tasks independently
  • Good writing, editing, communication and documentation skills 
  • Demonstrable interest in sustainable development

Alleppey, Kerala – India

Opportunity Type
Volunteering, Unpaid Internship. All costs related to visa processing, travel, living expenses has to be borne by the volunteer. 

Best Match
The programme provides both postgraduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to discover entrepreneurship in India as well as experience the richness of India’s culture. This is an ideal opportunity for candidates planning for a career in consulting, national and international development, sustainable engineering, technology commercialization etc. The volunteering helps consolidate their concepts on the different facets of technology and innovation management in emerging economies. Many of our past volunteers have been able to use the skills gained to get jobs in International Organisations, WHO, WTO, and other UN organisations. Some of them have setup their own start-ups and consulting firms, piloting new technologies and expanding business to India. The programme will also be of excellent value for those who want to pursue further studies. 

Application form 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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