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With its 42,000 members, HSG Alumni is one of the largest and most professionally run alumni organisations in Europe. As part of our community, you stay connected to HSG and your fellow students, and enjoy many benefits as well as password-protected access to the membership directory, where your profile will be visible to other alumni.

Once you leave university, the annual membership costs CHF 100. A one-time subscription of CHF 2,500 entitles you to life membership – the sooner, the more rewards you'll enjoy.

Basic memberships

HSG Alumni Annual Membership CHF 100

HSG Alumni Life Membership CHF 2,500

Additional memberships

EMBA Annual Membership CHF 50 (only possible in combination with Basic Membership)

EMBA Life Membership CHF 1,000 (only possible in combination with HSG Alumni Life Membership)

EMBE Annual Membership CHF 50 (only possible in combination with Basic Membership)

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As a self-contained organisation which is independent of the University, we depend on the cooperation of many hands and heads. And: we finance ourselves from membership fees and additional donations.

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You have a university degree and have studied at least one semester in the Bachelor's or Master's program at the HSG? Are you a lecturer at the HSG? Or do you have a special connection to our university? If you meet the criteria, you can apply for or renew your HSG Alumni membership at any time.

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A vibrant community

As a member of HSG Alumni you are part of an immense global network. You do not only profit from a wealth of member benefits or personal career consultancy, but you can also exchange ideas and know-how with more than 42,000 other members – for instance at one of our numerous events.

42,000 members from all generations of the HSG, in start-ups, at the beginning of their careers and in positions of responsibility.


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1,000 volunteers, including club board members, ambassadors, speakers and 500 mentors, who pass on their experience to students.

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