HSG Alumni supports around 20 student initiatives each year through grants. HSG Alumni grants are intended to support the strategic goals of our association and strengthen the quality and reputation of the HSG.

Submission deadlines

Applications are processed once per quarter of each year. Accordingly, the following binding application deadlines apply:

15th January | 15th March | 15th June | 15th October

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Evaluation Criteria

HSG Alumni is happy to support student projects that represent added value for the HSG and its community. In doing so, it is our wish that the value of our HSG Alumni Community and Network in particular becomes visible within the scope of the support. As a guide to basic agreements, here are some typical benefits that you can include:

  • Inclusion of HSG Alumni in the programme (speaker, etc.)
  • Presence of HSG Alumni at the event/project
  • Participation of HSG Alumni in the events
  • Communication material for HSG Alumni channels (website, newsletter, SoMe, alma)
  • Cooperation with a HSG Alumni Club.

The HSG Alumni office decides on the individual support contributions.

Download the cooperation agreement template now.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Alumni & Student Relations Team: alumnirelations@unisg.ch

Some of the sponsored student initiatives in the past

Igniteconference2022 02

IGNITE Movement

Conference 2022

IGNITE’s purpose is to empower companies to inspire their employees and, through this, create a meaningful business world for businesses and employees alike.
«Durch die Förderung von HSG Alumni können wir unsere Ideen realisieren und einen positiven Einfluss auf die Studierenden und die Gesellschaft nehmen.»


Un-dress by oikos

Sustainable Fashion Show

Un-Dress is a young, dynamic platform whose goal is to establish sustainable fashion more strongly within society. The highlight of the student initiative supported by HSG Alumni is the annual catwalk show, which is the largest fair fashion show in Switzerland.
Photo: Niklas Tidbury

Fahnen Pride Month


Pride Month

Pride is a social initiative to raise awareness about issues LGBTQ+ people face in everyday life, at work or in the future. It is about representing LGBTQ+ people and showing them that they are welcome. It is also about raising awareness among people outside the LGBTQ+ community.