Community and learning: our mission

As the alumni organisation of the University of St.Gallen, we are committed to fostering and supporting an engaged and vibrant community of alumni and students. Our mission is based on five core areas that are at the centre of our activities and initiatives:

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Building a vibrant community

We activate and enliven our community. It is becoming more active, committed and joined up: a lively community – international, young and full of diversity, up-to-date and interesting, innovative and sustainable.

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We accompany HSG alumnæ and alumni throughout their careers, as well as being their partner for lifelong learning.

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Giving back

We create a culture of giving something back and motivate our alumni to support the University financially and ideationally.

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We strengthen the Alumni clubs, encourage a culture of helping each other and become the inclusive HSG community.

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We create valuable experiences and foster a feeling of togetherness and identification.