What does the office expect from you as the president or board member of a club? What kind of support can you expect from the office?

Expectations of the Alumni Clubs

Foundation, Members and Elections

  • Any active alumni/ae member may establish a Club and/or join a Club as a member.
  • Club members elect the board of directors and presidents.
  • Any active alumni/ae member may run for membership of the board.
  • The board consists of at least one elected president.
  • Term limits are recommended as this allows for continued involvement of younger members in the leadership of the Club.
  • The election of a new president and board members are reported to the Association in advance.

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Presidium and Board

  • The board is the central governing body of the club.
  • The board shall assume all duties not specifically assigned to another body under the statutes.
  • The board members train new board members independently.
  • The board members work on a voluntary and unpaid basis.
  • The board is responsible for achieving the community's expectations.

Community management

  • The board members focus on the mission of the Association.
  • The board members are responsible for community management and active community life.
  • The board members provide the Association with an annual programme of planned activities upon request.
  • The board members proactively share information with other Clubs.
  • The board members support other Club board members in joint activities.
  • The board members regularly seek feedback from their community on their activities.

Event management

  • Events focus on the strategic goals of the Association.
  • The board members actively create new learning and meeting platforms.
  • The board members organize events independently.
  • The board members organize at least one event per year.
  • The events cover their own costs.
  • The carbon footprint of the events is continuously reduced or offset.
  • Enrolled students are actively involved in events.


  • The board members keep their Club website up to date.
  • The board members communicate their activities via the website.
  • The board members interact with their members at least once per quarter.
  • The board members promote their events independently.

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Expectations of the Association (HSG Alumni Office)

Qualification and replacement of Club board members

  • The Association is responsible for the management of the HSG Alumni President’s Club. It ensures an exchange with and between the Clubs.
  • The Association is at the disposal of Club board members for administrative and content-related matters and supports the achievement of common goals.
  • The Association supports the Club board members with the operation of the website.

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  • The Association supports new foundations / kick-off events.
  • The Association provides the Clubs with their own cost centre on the HSG Alumni account. Participation fees, event expenses and sponsorship amounts are handled via this account, provided that the currency is CHF, EUR or USD.
  • Upon request, the Association will provide an up-to-date cost centre statement so that the Club board can keep track of the finances at all times.

Community management

  • The Association provides support in the establishment of a Club as well as in changes of board members and presidents.
  • The Association maintains the membership data and produces detailed membership lists on request. More on data protection
  • The Association supports Clubs in reactivating their members as well as in dissolving the Club.
  • If the expectations of the Club are not met on multiple occasions, the Association has the right to dissolve the Club permanently.

Event management

  • The Association supports Clubs in the organization of physical events. This includes support in the selection of topics, speakers, participant management, communication, venue and equipment.
  • Costs in excess of 100 hours are charged to the Clubs. These are paid as a lump sum in accordance with the HSG Alumni management and amount to 20% of the income from the event, but a minimum of CHF 10,000.
  • The Association provides event material on request.

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  • The Association reports on registered events in the monthly newsletter.
  • The Association publishes Club activities on the basis of reports submitted by the Clubs in the "alma" and on social media.


Mission, strategic goals and shared values of the HSG Alumni Club.

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Establishing a Club

Further information on how to establish an HSG Alumni Club.

Establishing a community

Managing the community

Managing the website, entering events and communicating with members.

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