Future Skills Counselling

HSG Alumni supports you as a lifelong career companion in developing your future skills and thus remaining competitive in the labour market through the changes of the digital transformation. Our professional team of advisors consisting of HSG alumni and alumnae is looking forward to supporting you in evaluating and developing your future skills.

What are Future Skills?

Future Skills are key competencies for the future. These are skills and abilities that are necessary to master complex challenges in a VUCA world. Our career partner von Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG has divided the Future Skills into five categories.

Why are Future Skills important?

Those who want to increase their work market competitiveness must constantly adapt their expertise and their own competencies to the rapidly changing demands of our world`s work environment. Learning and transformation are at the centre of this. To keep one's own personal development up to date with the dynamics of change on the labour market, it is necessary to find the most pragmatic learning opportunities at the workplace and in everyday life. This is the key to lifelong learning.

How to build your Future Skills

Step 1: Future Skills Assessment

The counselling programme is based on a 360° assessment on the topic of future skills. You assess your competences yourself and have them assessed by your environment (employees, colleagues, supervisors and people from your private environment). After completing the 360° assessment, you will receive a detailed report on which both assessments are shown and compared.

Price Future Skills 360° Assessment: free of charge

Step 2: Future Skills-Counselling

During three consultations, your future skills are analysed and a personal "learning journey" is developed on this basis. You keep a record of your learning goals and progress in a digital workbook. 

Consultation 1: Future Skills Analysis

Evaluation of your Future Skills Assessment and discussion of the results.

Consultancy 2: Impact of digital transformation

Assess the impact of digital transformation on your role, your industry and your company/employer. Define possible learning priorities and opportunities.

Consultation 3: Development of Learning Journey

Development of a personal "Learning Journey" with specific action plan.

Price Future Skills consulting: CHF 1'500

Step 3: Implementation of the Learning Journey

You implement your "learning journey" and thus continuously develop your future skills and your specialist knowledge. This way you keep your competitiveness in the labour market at a high level.

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Discover the underlying principles of the Employability for Future "E4F" model, which was developed by von Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG. 

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