Establishing a Club

On this website you can find out how to establish an HSG Alumni Club.

Establishing an association

All clubs are part of the HSG Alumni Association. A new club therefore does not have to establish its own association.

Brief outline

Fill out the brief Club outline. It serves as a guide for the office.

Legal aspects

Read the following agreements carefully and sign them:

List of members

Compile a list of at least 20 people (active HSG alumnae or alumni) including their contact details who want to be part of your community.


All clubs must appoint a board. The Club management tasks (communication, event organization, finances, etc.) should be distributed among the board members. All board members must sign the documents under “3. Legal aspects”.


All clubs need at least one president. They must sign the following agreement:

The president automatically becomes a member of the HSG Alumni President's Club. A (virtual) exchange with the club presidents takes place every quarter, in which important information from the office is shared. Communication between presidents is promoted at the annual Club President's Meeting.


Choose a region for the club where most of the (potential) members live or work.


HSG Alumni members pay an annual fee of CHF 100. No additional membership fee may be charged by the individual club. The office will support the establishment of new clubs at the founding event, if required. Thereafter, the activities of the clubs must be cost-covering. Charge a participation fee for planned activities or look for sponsors/donors to finance your activities.

Contact the HSG Alumni office

Send the brief outline, the signed agreements and the list of potential members to


The office will check the submitted documents and approve the establishment.

Club website

The office will create a club website and grant the board admin rights for the website. The website manual contains all relevant information on how to operate the website. The office will assist with the implementation, if required.

Community management

With the Club website you can manage your members, write to them, enter events and much more. The following event formats are particularly popular: networking lunches and receptions, company visits, webinars, expert panels and joint excursions. We expect you to interact with your community on a regular basis (approx. 1/quarter) and to organize at least one event per year to keep the community active and committed.


Mission, strategic goals and shared values of the HSG Alumni Communities.

Go to the mission, goals and values


Expectations of the Communities and the HSG Alumni office.

Go to governance

Managing the community

Managing the website, entering events and communicating with members.

Manage my community